Painless Procedures To Bring Back Smile On Your Face

If you are suffering from a broken tooth or more, you need not put up with the problem for long. Modern dentistry has implanted procedures in place that are done swiftly and present minimal discomfort as opposed to earlier times. With the right medication and support, one can get back to normal life with their artificial tooth without feeling discomfort or unease.

Surgical procedure
If you approach the modern dental clinic Prahran you will be guided through the procedure and details of the same. Many dentists assure their patients that the discomfort is temporary after the procedure and medication is provided to help overcome the pain as one waits for the jawbone to heal. The dentist would first examine the condition of the mouth and the jawbone. One needs to have a healthy jawbone in order to get implants. Again, there should not be any problem with the jawbone healing or any oral health issues. After the necessary diagnoses are done is the procedure taken up by the dentist. This is unlike teeth whitening which is a more cosmetic procedure and is easily completed in an hour or so.

What to expect?
One would need to undergo partial anesthesia when undergoing an implant procedure. Nowadays there are cosmetic or mini implants that are less intrusive and are superficial structures that need not affect the underlying jawbone. When an implant is being done, the jawbone is drilled in several places. As a result, the implant takes several months to heal. To speed up the healing process and to prevent infections from forming, dentists provide medication such as antibiotics as well as pain medication, get to know more. They will also recommend diet changes to help patients to use their mouth for food and drink intake that will not irritate or cause pain in the operated region. Special protective measures are also taken up to protect the implant area till it heals.

Follow up procedures
The dentist would open up the implant area again, partially though, to get the abutment in place that is inserted on the gum tissue of the operated area. This is a minor procedure and is done in a pain free way. Hence, even if one is going in for an implant procedure, there is no need to expect much pain or discomfort from the procedure. Most modern dentistry methods do the implant surgery a swift process and the pain is minimal during the recovery process. At the end, one gets a suitable replacement for a missing tooth or two and full functions of the dental makeup are restored for one’s mouth.