4 Tips To Consider When Buying Invitation Cards For A Wedding

One of the core tasks in preparing for a wedding is sending out invitations to guests. Apart from the fact that this provides the relevant details of the date, venue and time of the wedding, it also gives the guests a subtle hint of what the wedding will be like. Most invitations typically are mailed to guests between a 5 to 8 week time period and this varies greatly with the country and different cultures. Use the tips given below to make your own customized invitations.

Selection of the Type of Invitation

There are various types of wedding invitations that you can choose from such as those with enclosures (known as invitation suites) and more traditional whereas the newer types are ones that are printed on quality paper with the necessary information. There are also more casual and trendier invitations where guests are directed to a website and these are ideal for less formal or themed weddings.

Purchasing Of Cards

Make a budget and plan on how many cards you plan on buying. A good rule of thumb is to order for 20 or 25 percent extra than the number of guests you confirm on inviting. This gives you ample extra cards in case of mistakes that can happen during the printing services NYC. When ordering, make sure to buy envelopes to match the invitation and in the same quantities.

Design of the Card

You should have a clear idea of the type of design that you intend your invitation to be. A wedding card will have to have an attractive theme and color besides a visual interests with various textures and embellishments. You can also add layers to your card which makes a normal card have a border and some texture. The colors can vary as per the theme of your wedding, however most wedding cards tend to be in light shades of cream, white or ivory colors. You can request some papers and cards initially to mix and match various colors and borders to find out which complements each other. This will give you a clearer picture of the design of the card and help you decide before purchasing the supplies.

Paper Preferences

The most important aspect and the first impression of anyone who holds your invitation would lie in the quality of the paper used. There are a range of quality papers that you can choose from such as recycled paper for the environmentally conscious couple, or cotton or luxury shine papers. To add a pop of visual appeal, textured papers can be used as a complementary paper.